Why the Cosmic Christ?

The Christ Consciousness is within you and is that which brings love to heal all wounds, removes all separation, brings peace and joy to the troubled mind and emotions, and holds you in divine love forever.

 John-Roger, DSS

Join us for a year of the Cosmic Christ, a journey of discovery into who you truly are. 

The Christ is the breath, the breath of the divine. The "Cosmic consciousness" includes all people, all religions, all philosophies. Together, we will use the disciples of Jesus Christ as a way to explore and observe our own consciousnesses - both their dark side, and their light side.

We will be exploring the physical, emotional, mental, unconscious and spiritual levels and how we can bring greater unconditional loving to the center of our beingness. 

Course curriculum

A New Chapter Each Month (12 Months Total)

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    Resource Materials

    • Doubting the Ever-Present Christ, a Seminar by John-Roger, DSS

    • Freeing the Fascia and Finding Harmony E-Book

  • 3

    Chapter 1

    • The Cosmic Christ: That Which Brings Love to Heal all Wounds

    • Introducing Joanne Avison and the Magnificence of Fascia

    • Expanding Awareness of Fascia in the Body

    • The Embryo: Its Scientific and Holistic Meanings

    • Unconditional Loving - Meditation & Exercise

    • Differentiation and Adaptability

    • Introduction to the 12 Stages of Consciousness

    • First Disciple: Peter

    • Can We Get Intelligence from the Heart? by John-Roger

    • Fascia Sequence with Joanne Avison

    • Breathing Meditation by John-Roger

    • Meridians and Chinese Medicine with Mark Holmes

    • From Feminine and Masculine Polarities to Oneness

    • The Seven Window Exercise

    • Being the Christ Exercise

    • Entering Into God Consciousness by John-Roger

    • Tips & Quotes

  • 4

    Chapter 2

    • Breathing & Peace - Letting Love Lead

    • Second Disciple: Andrew

    • Humbleness, Humility and Strengh

    • Dis-eases: Blockage or Energy or Misutilization of Energy

    • Compilation of Excerpts by John-Roger and John Morton

    • "Fascia Freeing" by Joanne Avison

    • Breathing Mediation & The Heartfelt Meditation by John-Roger, DSS

    • We Live and Die at the Cell Level

    • Movement and Sound

    • Unconditional Loving is Our Super-Power

    • The Seven Window Attunement

    • Christ Consciousness and the Process of Now

    • Awakening to the Christ that You Are

    • A Silent Meditation

    • The Action of The Christ, a Seminar by John-Roger, DSS

  • 5

    Chapter 3

    • Welcome and Meditation Session

    • Living the Christ Consciousness - Excerpts by John-Roger, DSS

    • When and How Are You Self-Sacrificing?

    • Third Disciple: James

    • Fascia Sequence Part 1 with Joanne Avision

    • The Master Key - Divine Love by John-Roger, DSS

    • Fascia Sequence Part 2

    • Spiritual Exercises & Meditation Session

    • Being Health by Mark Holmes

    • How Do You Experience Yourself as the Christ?

    • What is the Problem?

    • Sharings with John-Roger, DSS

  • 6

    Chapter 4

    • Welcome & Meditation Session

    • Demonstrating Living Love

    • Introduction and Music Meditation with Mark Holmes

    • Body Movements for Opening the Heart Center

    • Christ Consciousness: Fulfillment and Contentment

    • Christ is Forgiveness by John-Roger, DSS

    • How to Let Go of Tension and Moving into the Christ Now

    • Christ, Love and Awareness with Mark Holmes

    • The Elastic Breath

    • Healthy Movements to Support Our Bodies

    • Introduction to the Seven Windows Exercise

    • Seven Windows Exercise

    • Looking Through the Eyes of Christ

    • Patience - A Big Key in Going Inward to God by John-Roger, DSS

  • 7

    Chapter 5

    • Introduction and Meditation

    • Caring for the Temple of the Soul

    • Caring for the Temple of the Soul (Part 2)

    • Caring for the Temple of the Soul (Part 3)

    • Meditation with John-Roger

    • Caring for the Temple of the Soul (Part 4)

    • Expanding Our Wings

    • The Magnificence of Wavelenghts

    • Breathing and Peace Meditation & the Meditation of Perfect Balance by John-Roger

    • Morning Exercises with Joane Avison

    • Morning Exercises with Joane Avison (Part 2)

    • Spiritual Exercises and Meditation

    • The Fifth Disciple

    • The Light within Each Cell

    • Inviting the Christ into Our Beingness

    • Introduction to the Exercise

    • Exercise on the Disciple Philipe

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